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Semester Exchange Program

Bauhaus (1)

Program Information

We have a strategic partnership with Bauhaus University, one of the preeminent schools of planning and design in the world and will be sending two students to Weimar, Germany in the fall. The USP Program has the only undergraduate department-to-department study abroad program in the UC system. The program has complete tuition reciprocity (you will pay your UCSD tuition and study at Bauhaus). All courses are completely approved for the USP major and minor. Seniors may complete their senior sequence requirement at Bauhaus. Rising sophomores and juniors are strongly encouraged to apply.​


Early August 2018 – mid-February 2019

Includes: two-week summer session in August, one month of conversational German in September, the fall semester runs from early October to mid-February.


All USP and RED majors and minors

Scholarship Opportunity:

The European Union is providing a scholarship for one student in the amount of 4,300 Euros. This will cover airfare and a monthly living stipend.

How to apply:

Send an essay to Professor Mirle Bussell explaining why you would like to study at Bauhaus and how it will further your educational and career goals.


February 26, 2018

If you have any questions, contact Professor Bussell

Global Seminar

 Weimar_Bauhaus-Uni_c-weimarGmbH_RET Bauhaus University

Would you like to spend five weeks at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany this summer learning about the history of urban planning and design and completing an international urban design practicum? Attend UC San Diego’s “Modernism and Design: the Bauhaus Experience” Global Seminar!

This Global Seminar focuses on the history, contradictions, and legacy of the Bauhaus School and its underlying philosophy as a lens into the larger International Style in architecture and planning across the world. This Global Seminar will introduce students to critical architecture and urban planning theory and history in conjunction with a design school studio experience that will enable them to apply concepts to their own designs and create work to include in their personal portfolios. Students will also benefit from the opportunity to live and study in a quintessential European college town.

Additional program information can be found online at the Global Seminars website.

Contact Global Seminars:
(858) 534-1123