Conservation Solutions ENVR 102, Fall 2018

Hello!  There will be a new course Fall 2018 that you may be interested in.

Conservation Solutions (ENVR 102) will be an interdisciplinary course in which students will develop and implement a project–based curriculum module for high school students at the Dawson Los Monos Canyon Reserve (  Dawson is a chaparral and oak woodland habitat with a permanent stream, an island of natural habitat amidst the urban sprawl of Vista, CA.  In the first weeks of the course students will be introduced to the natural and human history and natural resource management challenges of this nature preserve.  Students will build on their knowledge through their own research and this may include exploring the reserve, reading literature, and interviewing local experts.  Finally, ENVR 102 students will develop media to introduce neighboring high school students to the reserve, and will guide those students at Dawson through the curriculum module we have developed.

The course will meet Wednesdays, 12 – 2:50 PM.

It will be open to all majors.  ENVR 102 fulfills an upper-division elective for the Environmental Science minor and the Urban Studies & Planning major (Urban Regional Policy & Planning; Urban Design/Built Environment)

Questions? Contact Dr. H. Henter

ENVR102 fall 2018

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